Studio and Location Recording, PA Hire


Rates are always by negotiation. If you have an interesting or exciting project, my rates are always lower! Generally, I'll do the first session on a 'sale-or-return' basis, so you only pay at the end of the session if you're happy and want to proceed. This allows both you and me to decide if we can work successfully together.

For budgeting purposes, assume £20.00 per hour for a small number of sessions, reducing to £16.00 per hour for large projects or regular bookings.  I'm not registered for VAT, so that is what you pay.

I offer two options of payment. The first is simply to pay-as-you-go, by the session. If you are not certain of the size of the project, e.g. how many tracks, or you want to try several different options within tracks, then I'll probably insist on this approach. Don't forget, the first session is arrangement above.

Alternatively, if you are reasonably sure of the size of your project, I willl consider doing it for you for a fixed price, regardless (within reason) of how long it takes. It works like this. I'll first need to hear you perform the entire project content in rehearsal. Based on my assessment and experience, I'll estimate how many sessions I think it will take to complete and come up with a price accordingly. The estimate will include some time for experimentation, for example getting a good drum sound. If you agree, then I'll undertake to complete the project at that price, even if it takes longer than I thought. If it takes significantly less, I'll give you a refund. We'll agree specific points within the project when a payment will be required. A small initial deposit will be required once we've agreed to proceed.

Either way, assume the day is divided into three sessions, morning, afternoon and evening, each around 3 1/2 hours. A single session will cost you £65.00 in my studio, reducing if you book more sessions, so that two sessions will cost £120, while five sessions booked concurrently will be £290.  In my experience, a solo artist can make a full album in five sessions, or a band can make a professional demo.

Cost for a full day of location recording is £140, with half-a-day being £99.  This includes my travelling, up to 30 miles. 

I also charge for media. Your CD's will come in a jewel case, exactly the same as commercial CD's, including your own 4 page booklet and inlay. The first one is free (!). Additional copies will be around £2.50 each, depending on the number of tracks and the number you order.