Studio and Location Recording, PA Hire

Music Technology Training

If you're contemplating a carreer in Music Technology, in its many forms, I may be able to help.  Particularly if you are thinking of enrolling on one of the excellent Music Technology courses offered by our universities, colleges and schools, some unbiased guidance from within the profession may be usefull.

I'm happy to tailor a training package to your specific areas of interest, e.g. Studio Recording, Live Sound & PA, Location Recording, etc..  I can explain the stages and procedures involved and demonstrate hands-on how it all works.  Then, if all goes well, I'll let you take charge of a session unaided.  I'll provide notes at the end of the training to which you'll be able to refer during your course.

The cost is based on my normal rates, below; typically, a minimum of two sessions will be required  I'm prepared to train up to two, or possibly three students at the same time, for the same fee.  So, if you and a friend were to book the training, we could even use it as the basis for your own recording.