Studio and Location Recording, PA Hire


The Pianist

I do have access to an acoustic piano, sadly not the Steinway above, and indeed a wonderful Kawai Digital Grand Piano. However, you'd probably prefer to use your own. No Problem.  I'm fully mobile and more than happy to bring the recording equipment to you. In addition to the recorder, I will bring a selection of professional microphone pairs and speakers to allow you to audition the recording at any time.

As well as using a familiar instrument, recording in your own space should ensure the best possible performance. The only essential pre-requisite is a quiet environment. Any noise, traffic noise, for example, can sometimes be removed at the mastering stage, but it's far better to have a quiet environment to start with.

Microphone selection and placement is key to a good piano sound. Expect me to try several different techniques while you play. Listen critically to the results each time, until you find a sound which you're happy with. For recording an upright piano, it is usual to try a recording with the piano's soundboard removed, particularly if a bright sound is required.

Once you're happy with the sound, then it's over to you! I'm happy to record as many performances as you need to get the perfect 'take'. With your permission, I'll take some digital photos of you playing, which you may consider using for the CD cover.

Then, it's back to the studio to compile the CD to your satisfaction. You're very welcome to join us for this process if you wish, or we can provide a CD for you approval in your own home.