Studio and Location Recording, PA Hire


I have three PA systems ranging from 150 watts to 3,000 watts. That's ideal for a party, or enough for a rock group at a medium-sized venue, but not enough to fill a stadium, sadly. I also have a small (3kw) lighting rig. My service includes delivery to the venue, and setting up and manning the system throughout the event.

General Sound Hire 

My smaller systems are ideal for providing background music and microphone facilities for children's parties, garden fetes, dinner parties, etc. You can even do your own disco, maybe with my lights as well! If you need background music, I ask you to provide suitable CD's. I can provide as many microphones as you need and also give guidance on how best to use them, if necessary. I'll even do the announcements, if you like! I often provide a sound system to support a concert at a local hall. Invariably my system is superior to anything that the venue has, if they have one! In this situation, I can sometimes offer to record the concert, either for posterity or for a CD to sell after the event. Customers often find this an easy way to recoup some of the costs of staging the concert. Please note that I do not normally offer this recording service at band gigs.

Cost starts from as little as £40 for the small system for use locally.


Band PA 

I will want to work with you to ensure the best possible performance on the night.  I'm happy to do the mixing for you, or I'll support your own sound engineer. My PA hire service is significantly discounted for customers who record with me. I'll even help you sell your CD's at the gig! I'll also offer a significant discount if you would like me to provide the facility at a practice session prior to the gig. This is particularly important if I don't know you and you want me to mix! Cost starts from as little as £40 for one of my small systems for use locally, ideal for a solo artist or duo, more for our full system with lights. Don't forget the discounts above !!

PA Equipment List 

  • Bass bins (1 x 15" (x4)
  • Stand-mounted speaker cabinets (1x10" + horn) (x2).
  • Stand-mounted speaker cabinets (1x12" + horn) (x2).
  • Full-range speaker cabinets (1x15" + 1x10" + horns) (x2).
  • JBL Control-1 speakers (small but wonderful!) (x2).
  • Floor monitors (1x10" + horn) (x4).
  • Amplification by QSC, Harrison, Samson and Alesis, with dbx active crossover.
  • Mixers and outboard gear from list of recording equipment.